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Adapto Tips and Tricks - get started quickly -

4th October 2018

Get a basic introduction to the core functionalities in Adapto and get the latest product updates. You'll learn how to set up your team, meetings and check-ins as well as tips on how to work more efficiently.

Well suited for both existing and new users of Adapto.

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Past Webinars

Learn to run great 1:1 meetings

1:1 meetings are the best way to develop your team, and great 1:1 meetings mean happier and higher performing employees. Learn how to run better 1:1 meetings

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Bring learning to work 

In this webinar, you get the formula for effective competency development. Signe will in less than one hour give you the essence of years of research and HR experience. You get a simple framework to develop employees and leaders.
This webinar is relevant for all, who works with job-related training, learning and competency development

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Get started as a new leader

You have just started as a leader of a team, and this might even be your first leadership position. By participating in this webinar you'll get a great start in your new role.

You'll get started with your new leadership rhythms and get free templates for job descriptions, objectives and much more. 

If you are an experienced leader feel free to join us as well - sure you can use the free tools.