Employee engagement check-ins
- the easiest way to get regular engagement feedback 

Set up your team now, and enjoy the simplest way to get continuous feedback on engagement. Your employees swipe a smiley once a week and you get notified real-time.  

It's super easy. It's super powerful ... and yes, it's 100% free, forever. 

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Adapto engagement check ins

Automated check-ins 

Give your employee a change to reflect on their mood without you there. As easy as it gets! Your employee swipes the mouth of the smiley up or down to reflect their mood. The check-ins are sent weekly at different days and times to account for Monday blues and Friday fun. Works on all devices. 

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Adapto engagement check-in smileys

Make it personal

Check-ins will kick-start conversations you don't want to miss!
You and your employees can add personal messages to the check-ins - anytime. And it's easy to start any in-person conversation when you have a check-in to base it on. Enjoy! 

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Analyze and act

A simple overview of employee responses, let's you know how your employees are doing over time. Get to know each employee's ups and down better and hone your everyday leadership.

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