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As a startup you constantly have to make important decisions, and many of them evolves around which systems and tools you should use. Here are the decisions we took in Adapto and hopefully it might help you in your decision process.


Customer relations are key to us and we use one of the best CRM tools in the world. It forms the basis of our commercial platform, and supports us in delivering a great customer experience - both for existing and new customers. Furthermore, it supports our Social Engagement strategy and supports our dialogues with present and future customers. HubSpot has an amazing offer for startups so consider this if you are eligible. 

As an alternative consider Pipedrive for your sales activity, Mailchimp for email marketing and Hootsuite for social media management. We started with that and it's a great solution and also a slightly more flexible solution than HubSpot. 

Customer Service

Zendesk is a market leader within dedicated customer service solution, and we use Zendesk for our chat and ticket system. It's simple and intuitive and offers lots of integrations. You should check out their startup package. HubSpot has just recently launched their Customer Hub, and we are of couse considering whether to shift to HubSpot Customer Hub.

Microsoft Azure action pack incl. Office 365 Licenses

Another core tool is Microsoft Azure where we have build the Adapto Application, and as part of that we also get access to some great supporting tools like Office 365, Visual Studio etc. You could also consider G Suite and Amazon Web Services instead of Microsoft.


Delivering great videos is key to us, and WeVideo is simple and is really supporting our workflow of producing microlearning and marketing videos. We started out with Adobe Premier Pro, which was way too complicated for us.

Vimeo / YouTube

Distribution of videos is a key component of our marketing strategy and we use both Vimeo and YouTube. The advantage of Youtube over Vimeo is the search integration with Google, but the layout of Vimeo is much more professional. 


Videoscribe is great for producing our animated whiteboard videos and much of the Adapto content is produced based on Videoscribe.


Accounting is neccesary to keep a transparent view of your business, and correct invoicing is part of a great customer experience. We have chosen Billy for the great integrations and ease of use. You could also consider Economic or Dinero, but don't spend too much time on this. Accounting is not a core differentiator of your business.  


We need to pay salaries and we got a great deal on Bluegarden, but there are plenty of others out there. Again not a core application.


One of the newest additions to the Adapto toolbox is Zoom. We use it for online meetings and demos, but we have also started on webinars so we can share our knowledge.  It's far superior to Skype and Google Hangouts, and we really love this tool. You can see examples of previous webinars as well as new webinars here.


Of course we take our medicine so Signe and Michael use Adapo as their primary leadership tool. So all 1:1 meetings, training, engagement check-in, performance management etc. in Adapto are managed through Adapto.


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