Reflections from SingularityU Summit

Written by Chris Schack Noesgaard on 30. October 2018 . POSTED IN startup, singularity . Leave a Comment

I had the great pleasure of attending SingularityU Nordic Summit in Stockholm the 25th October 2018. Danske Bank and TheHub invited Adapto Technologies and 99 other impact driven Nordic Startups, and it was a great experience meeting thought leaders and entrepreneurs at the summit.

Here are my reflections and notes from a great day!

Every impact matters

The overarching headline was “Make it matter,” and there was an abundance of speakers presenting technologies which will change our world, and enabling us to make a lot of things matter. You can see the full list of speakers here, and here I will share my personal reflections.




New technologies

Overall it was mindblowing with all these new technologies and their impact on our lives and society. In a not so distant future, we will live among AI-powered human-like robots, and with their own bitcoin driven ecosystem. Many science fictions movies paint this picture, but the difference is that now the enabling technologies are mature enough to make it happen. These technologies give us humans a significant chance to solve many challenges - from global warming to poverty, but it also has some darker perspectives. Both regarding morale and ethics, and even some scary aspects of AI robots who outsmart humans and wars based on robots etc. On a shorter term and less frightening way, there are also many business model and jobs under pressure. What if parts and products will be 3D printed locally instead of sourced globally and transported globally? How will that impact the industries and logistics providers? There are many questions we’ll need to find new answers to, and we must all keep the faith in our humanity and ability to develop sound governance around powerful technologies. For Adapto specifically being part of the AI world we are fully aware of our ethical and moral responsebilities in that respect.

Human rights

Other viewpoints were that in many aspects we still have a long way to go concerning human rights. Shiza Shahid and Manal Al-Sharif had some terrible examples of how millions of girls and women are still denied education and freedom of speech. Something which many of us take for granted, but we need to keep fighting this. Moreover, our democratic practice is under pressure from abused social media, which has already impacted elections. We need to find a solution.

Great nordic startups

Another reflection was the Nordic startup scene is very healthy indeed, and there are many exciting ideas and prospected. Many of them with significant impacts on many people. Many of them will impact millions of people globally when they scale.

Be in flow

IMG_20181025_153346Another theme for me was personal effectiveness and the ability to keep performing and keep focus in a busy world. We are still immature in our way of handling smartphones and the “constant on” mentality. There are neurological explanations why our brains love the instant gratification from being disturbed by our phones. We will in my opinion soon learn to master it and both Steven Kottler and Thomas Ramsøy came with good advice on how to keep your focus and set up your day so that you’ll be in high performing “flow”. Just like the navy seals. Wuhuuu.!




So to “summit” up there are soo many opportunities for us to make the world a better place, and to solve the global challenges that lie ahead.

I will focus all my professional energy on developing Adapto to give leaders lifelong learning and employees a much better working environment.

What will you do to "make it matter"?

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