Reflections from SingularityU Summit

WRITTEN BY Chris Schack Noesgaard on 30. October 2018 . POSTED IN startup, singularity . Leave a Comment

I had the great pleasure of attending SingularityU Nordic Summit in Stockholm the 25th October 2018. Danske Bank and TheHub invited Adapto Technologies and 99 other impact driven Nordic Startups, and it was a great experience meeting thought leaders and entrepreneurs at the summit.

Here are my reflections and notes from a great day!

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Startup Tools - what we chose at Adapto

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As a startup you constantly have to make important decisions, and many of them evolves around which systems and tools you should use. Here are the decisions we took in Adapto and hopefully it might help you in your decision process.
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6 tips for a great employee induction

The first days—and months—on the job are critical for a new employee. It’s very important for you to help your new hire settle in comfortably, and feel that he or she has made the right decision to join your team. The extra time spent up front to ensure a great induction is time well invested. You will likely find that your new employee becomes productive more quickly. Importantly, a great induction can have a positive impact on future performance and retention. 

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Stop annual employee engagement surveys now and do this instead

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Employee engagement as a term was coined back in 1990 by Kahn and since then more and more companies have measured employee engagement. Gallup spearhedeaded the measurements with their Q12 measurements in the early 90ies. And with the emergence of survey technologies like SurveyMonkey it was now possible for anyone to make an employee engagement survey.

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